Electric Bounce House 3


Hey loves!

Heres a quick recap of the best ending to a spring break. 

Zedd x Guetta at Electric Bounce House in San Jose was down right amazing! Two of the biggest headliners as my first rave.

If yall have never been, you should try going to a rave. The music is amazing and everyone is super nice! 

Anyway, take a look at my outfit for the night!



I knew it’d be super hot, but I never wear anything too revealing out so I added a thin black cardigan for some cover up. As a top I layered a bralette and a plunge bra on top. The bralette has a bit of lace that adds a little bit of coverage that I was looking for and the bra gave me more support and coverage as well. For bottoms I wore some acid washed booty shorts and for shoes I wore my black nike trainers. 



Bralette // H&M

Bra // Victoria Secret

Shorts // Papaya

Cardigan // Nordstrom

Shoes // Nike




**Check out my friend Desiree! (Ig @dsrechn)

I really wanted to spice up my simple purple smokey eye. To do that, I purchased flash tattoos for a dollar at Walmart. I cut a few of the details from the “bracelets” in the pack and shaped them into a “crown” just above my eyebrows. I thought this was a great way to look like you’re wearing a head chaim without the chance of you losing one. 


I also decided to add a little bit more decoration by drawing on a few flowers with some markers. 

I chose to do a couple of flowers and leaved that I just made up. Its a really cool and temporary way to decorate yourself. Someday, I do want to get a tattoo similar to this one though!  
  Huge s/o to my boyfriend (@supjae) for taking me and making my spring break. Love you

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Electric Bounce House 3

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