Rum Riche

Hey loves!

I’ve been super MIA I know! Im sorry for the delay, but I’m back with a new post for yall. 

A few days ago, I did some grocery shopping at my local Walmart and decided to check out some more beauty products. I was wandering around, casually looking at everything and found myself back in the Maybelline section. If yall are new here, you would know that I have a good relationship with Maybelline’s lip products. Like i loooove them. Anyway, I was looking at what they had and say this lipstick and was in love with the color. 

The warm tone of this lipstick is everything! I think it suits my warmer skin tone perfectly and would suit a lot of other tones as well.

This lipstick has a sheen to it, but its nothing too overwhelming. And if you think it is too much, a little bit if blotting should do the trick. 

I would definitely recommend this lipstick as well as any other of their lipsticks. They’re not as drying as some other drugstore brands. I get extremely dry lips when I use the wrong peoducts and when I started using Maybelline, that problem went away.

Just a few touch ups throughout the day and you’re lips will look amazing. 

Let me know if you guys have this color or are going to try it out!


Products Mentioned

Rum Riche 280 by Maybelline

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Rum Riche

2 thoughts on “Rum Riche

  1. I got this exact shade just the other day in the drugstore too! It looks great on you 🙂 I was going to use it when the weather gets cooler into autumn but now I can’t wait to use it! x


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