Friday Favorites // Lips

Hey loves!
Today I’m sharing my favorite lipsticks.
I have 4 lip products to share with y’all!
I’ve always been a huge lipstick person but never had a big collection. I was especially drawn to browns/nudes/mauves. Anything natural or “MLBBs” (My Lips But Better) are what I’m typically into.
From left to right:

NYX“Thalia” I recently picked up this lipstick when I was in search for a smoother and less sticky version of the last lipstick I’m sharing with you. The colors are very similar but the consistency of this one is a lot smoother and feels more moisturizing.

MAYBELLINETouch of Spice When I picked up this color, I did not wear any other lipstick for weeks. It was my favorite for most of winter. It comes in a matte finish and is a beautiful brownish/red color. It’s not as drying as other matte lipsticks I’ve tried, but I recommend putting in some chapstick before you apply it.

MAYBELLINEWarm Me Up I’m adding another Maybelline lippy into my favs. This color is very close to my natural lips, but it gives it an extra pump of color and a nice sheen. This lipstick is also pretty moisturizing as well.

MACCreme Cup Nothing new here guys! Creme Cup has been in my collection for forever now, but I’ve never liked the color on me till recently. It is a cremesheen so it give the lips a very nice finish. I also think that NYX’s “Thalia” is a wonderful dupe to this lipstick. I would say that Creme Cup is thicker and heavier on the lip than Thalia. Either way, they are both two beautiful lipsticks!

That wraps up my Friday Favorites, guys! Love y’all💕


Friday Favorites // Lips

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