A Special Valentines Weekend

Hey loves!

This weekend was Valentines Day weekend. As you may or may not know, I have a boyfriend of almost 3 years and I spent the weekend with him. Being separated by some distance and busy from school makes it quite hard to go dates every so often, so I was excited to finally spend some time with him outside of the house.

Before i went to go see him, I had lunch with my best friend, Chan-E. We decided to try out the restaurant she works in a different location. For lunch we had Korean food. It was more expensive there but the food was just as good and delicious.

I went to SJSU and waited for him outside his dorm building and after waiting a while, he skates up to me with the gigantic balloons. I was so embarrassed but it was so sweet and cute. ☺️



Heres my ootd for valentines day.
I wore a new tank from T.J. MAXX, a black light knit cardigan from Nordstrom, old gray shorts from H&M, and black heeled booties from H&M. I topped of the outfit with my necklace from Tiffany’s and a Y-drop necklace from a boutique.


We also went on a nice walk in SJ and went up to Communication Hills once the sun went down. I really felt so lucky to see all the nice views with my boyfriend💕
The next day we went to the Tech Museum in SJ. I went there once before for a field trip when I was younger.



The interior amazed me. It was very modern and clean cut. Also there were a lot of cool galleries to see and interact with.

Here’s my OOTD for this day. Sorry, I only have a pic in b&w! I wore a white scalloped tank with a light blush pink blazer. For bottoms I wore my black flowy shorts and wore the same boots from the day before.
Sorry this post was so late! Hope you all had a wonder Valentines weekend as I did. Love yall!


A Special Valentines Weekend

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