Winter Break at Six Flags

Hey loves!

Today is my last day of winter break 😭 Let’s take a look back, haha

I told y’all that I went to Six Flag Magic Mountain with my friends earlier this January. Instead of just buying a one day ticket, my boyfriend and I bought a season pass to use all year.
My best friends ended up not being able to go with us so it was me, my boyfriend and his close high school friends. I was nervous because we had some stupid drama between us in high school and I thought I’d be left out, but it turned out to be really fun and I didn’t feel left out at all which was really relieving😊
Second day there, my friends left and it was just me and my boyfriend. While we were tired, it was still a really great day 💕

Jacket // Harley Davidson
Top // Under Armor Sports Bra
Pants // Pacsun
Shoes // Nike Trainers
Yesterday, my family and I went to the closer Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It was a great way to finally get out of the house and to end my break. While the rides were fun, my heart broke when I saw dolphins and other animals swim aimlessly in circles. Anyhow, my family all bought season passed too so hopefully we can go often this summer.

Jacket // American Eagle
Shirt // H&M
Pants // Pacsun
Boots // Old Navy
Sunglasses // Ulta Beauty


Winter Break at Six Flags

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