New Accessories

Hey loves!

This week i got new accessories to add to my arsenal. Here they are!
The first one I’ll talk about is my new pair of sun glasses. Now, I don’t like to splurge on expensive sun glasses because I don’t wear them much since I wear glasses anyway. Anyway, these glasses are a slight cat shape. Cat shapes don’t really suit my face shape but because they are big and round, they look better on me. What really sold me to get these glasses were the inside of them. They are white compared to the outside black which gives it a fun but not crazy touch. Ive also been needing a pair of simple black glasses too.

The next piece is a necklace that my sisters boss gifted to me! She was so sweet and it was only my first time meeting her so I was surprised when she gave it to me. It has a short “collar” and the rest is two chains connected to a gold block. Hopefully you can see whats going on in the picture. I’ve seen some people have body chains that look like this but not a necklace so I thought it was cute and something I personally haven’t seen before.

Till next time!


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New Accessories

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