A Touch of Summer in the Winter

Hey loves! So a while back when it was still raining like hell, my only umbrella decided to die on me during on a rainy day so I had to pick up a new one.


I picked up this super cute and trendy palm leaf/greenery umbrella from H&M. It also came w a sleeve. Now coming from H&M, it was a total steal but after taking it with in SF, I noticed how flimsy it is which I supposed was to be suspected. However, it doesn’t bother me much since I knew we were going through a storm and it’d be tough on practically any umbrella.


Now I dont know about you, but I adore it when my smaller accessories become the statement piece. On this rainy day I paired my jean that you’re probably sick of seeing with a graphic tee from zara, a black and gold belt, and the umbrella. With my minimal outfit, the umbrella adds a nice kick and definitely becomes an eye-catcher.


Jeans – F21
Graphic Tee – Zara
Belt – Target
Umbrella – H&M

How do you feel about practical items being a fashion statement?

A Touch of Summer in the Winter

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