I’m Back! [An Update]

Hey loves!

Sorry for being super m.i.a! I honestly forgot about blogging and vlogging for a while. I’m still trying to get the supplies I need to do all of this neatly.

To update y’all on what I’ve been up to, I’ve finished my first semester at the Academy of Art and am now on winter break, ready for my second semester of college to begin! It’s pretty crazy how fast this is all going by. I still feel like a kid and too young for my age. I’m really excited and nervous to start transitioning into adulthood.

This winter break has consisted of a lot of relaxing time, family time, and friend time. It was all very refreshing seeing as how I go to a school where I commute and its really hard to make any real friendships. The holidays we’re crazy, but I was glad to see all of my family again. Also, a lot of my friends came back home for the break and it just felt like I actually had people to talk to and hang out with again. Honestly, during the semester I felt really really lonely because I saw all of my closest friends actually getting to experience college while I spent most of my time commuting at least 5 hours each day or working on all of the projects art school gave me.

I was also really excited that my boyfriend came back home ;u; During the semester, we probably saw each other once every two weeks (which may be a lot to some other couples, I know). I was just really excited to be able to see him more frequently and be able to actually go out and spend time with him again. On the 10th-12th we spent the time in socal to go to magic mountain with some friends.  We had planned on staying just one night, but it felt too short so we got another night at the hotel. Our friends had to go home after just one night so it ended up just being me and my boyfriend the second night. It felt like a dream to actually be alone with him. Also we had an executive suite that felt like a small apartment so it all added to the dream!

Enough of that, but it is now the last week of winter break for me before I start my second semester at the Academy. Most of my friends have already left and started school, so I guess this last week will be very quiet and lonely, but I’ll try to make the best of it.

Again, sorry for being super m.i.a!

I love you guys so much!


If y’all wanna keep up with me follow me on my other social media accs!

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I’m Back! [An Update]

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