Old Closet Finds

Hey loves!

I was recently ruffling through my closet the other day. And before I get ahead of myself, my room used to be my moms storage room since she has a ton of clothes she refuses to get rid of. Anyhow, I have a top shelf in my closet that I never cleared since I didn’t needed the space. And on that shelf I found some old cute sweaters!


This cute green sweater makes me feel like broccoli or a shrub 🌿 It is seriously sooo comfy and warm. I think it’s perfect for the fall time. The texture of it is a bit bumpy which I really love. It adds a bit more interest and a cozier look. It pairs well with any black bottoms.

This next one is a ribbed brown cowl neck crop top. When I found it I was so surprised that I hadn’t worn it before! I think cowl necks and turtle necks are still so cute and it’s perfect for keeping your neck warm during the colder months. It pairs well with high wasted bottoms.
In this photo I paired it with some thrifted high wasted mom jeans which really gave me a vintage look. Pair it with some black denim and you could get a really cool look!

Have you ever found a sweet treasure in the back of your closet?


Old Closet Finds

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