Pink About It

Hey guys!

I’m back to share my OOTD or Outfit of the Day for November 3.


I finally wore these black overalls that I bought so long ago. I thought they were so adorable but I never knew what to wear under them.

I decided to pair it with a plain off-white knit sweater and a think pink jacket for a touch of color.

For accessories I am wearing this black knit beanie and some jewelry I wear everyday like the rings my boyfriend got me and a dainty Tiffany necklace that my boyfriend kindly gifted to me as a late anniversary present.


For shoes I’m wearing these cute platform. I thought the “wooden” platform went well with the pink and the cream and black straps matched my overalls and sweater.

Overalls – Marshalls
Sweater – H&M
Pink Jacket – Thrifted
Shoes – Forever 21
Beanie – Forever 21
Rings – Korea
Necklace – Tiffany

Did you like this OOTD?


Pink About It

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