Blacked Out

My style has become very monochrome. Probably due to the fact that I’m in the city so much now. Here are two black pieces that I’ve fallen in love with!


This little number caught my eye the moment I walked into Marshalls. Or once I walked into the dress section.

First of all, it is black. Secondly, it has lace. Lastly, it is super adorable!

When I tried it on I instantly felt like a witch from AHS Coven. I’m actually probably going to wear it on halloween night with a floppy wide brimmed hat for the magical witchy vibe.

I could not leave the store without it!


I NEED to go back and buy this dress!

This black shift dress hit my legs at the perfect spot which is rare for me considering my short stature. The sheer sleeve and slight v-neck add to my love for this piece.

Black dress are a staple in any girls or guys closet. I definitely feel like these dresses or similar ones are so easy to find and also very versatile!


Blacked Out

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