Mars’ Must Haves: Shoes

What can I say about shoes other than they are one of my favorite fashion pieces! Comfy, cute and stylish are all key points I look for in my shoes.

Here are my most worn shoes practically this whole year!

These platform sandals from H&M have been on my feet for almost every day this past summer. This black sandal went with almost every outfit I’ve worn. Not only were they super versatile, but super comfy. Usually something with a buckle near the ankles would give me sick blister, but these never gave me that problem. When worn with ripped up baggy jeans, they give you this really cool and chic look that I love. Unfortunately, I got these so long ago that they’re no longer in stock but many stores sell similar platforms.

I’ve had these black booties for a while now and they are usually what I would wear to school. They have a really cool, laid back look to them. The cut outs created my the straps also add a fun touch. One of my favorite things to do when I wear these is wear really fun patterned socks. In this picture, I’m actually wearing socks with bunnies on them. These boots are also super comfy which is why I wear them to school all the time. These boots are from Old Navy.

These booties were a gift from my mom so I don’t know exactly where they are from. These brown suede ankle boots are perfect when you want to add some warm colors to your outfit. I especially love wearing these boots during the fall time. They add some height (which is a huge plus to me) and are still super comfy. I wore these around the city and had mo problem walking around all day.

These are my Nike Air Max. Honestly, these were from elementary school and I rediscovered them when my younger sister found them. I think everyone should have comfy black and white sneakers. These specifically add a really cool vibe to any outfit I put together. The chunky soles add some height too. Im always wearing these with my black jogging pants and they just go together so well.

Lastly are combat boots. Everyone should own at least one pair of combat boots. These boots are my black Doc Martens. These are very chunky on me but I kinda like it that way.

Which shoes are your favorite or what shoes do you wear the hell out of?


Mars’ Must Haves: Shoes

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